Geraldo Rivera Apologizes For His ‘Tawdry’ Memoir Detailing What He Calls ‘Consensual’ Sexual Encounters

12.01.17 2 years ago

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Earlier this week, Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera raised eyebrows by tweeting a defense of NBC’s Matt Lauer that mourned the loss of news room courtships in a “flirty biz” and called for a statute of limitations on sexual harassment allegations. Rivera was quickly and roundly criticized for his bizarrely timed comments.

Luckily for humanity, one reporter already exposed Geraldo Rivera’s untoward behavior (which he called “consensual”) toward women in the 1990s — that would be Geraldo Rivera himself. The Daily Beast summarizes the critical consensus of his 1991 memoir titled, naturally, Exposing Myself, as “the definitive work on how men behave inappropriately in the workplace under the guise of courtship.”

The book is full of salacious stories that could arguably start with “Dear Penthouse, I never thought it could happen to me,” but the one receiving a lot of attention concerns Bette Midler. After Rivera apologized for his Lauer tweets, Midler took to Twitter herself and posted a clip that describes an incident where Rivera and a producer drugged her and groped her in a bathroom.

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