Glenn Beck Dunks His Face In Cheetos Dust As Election 2016 Continues Towards Crazy Town

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As William Howard Taft would tell you, campaign season isn’t campaign season until someone rubs their face into a crushed up vending machine treat. Yes, we’ve reached the all-important “let’s talk about a  guy that shoved his mug in Cheetos dust” portion of the presidential race.

Conservative rabble-rouser Glenn Beck relied on a snack endorsed by a cheetah with TOO MUCH ATTITUDE to mock GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s neon orange “tan.” As noted by Salon, the dangerously cheesy facial was brought on by discussion on Beck’s program The Blaze where they decided to counter former speaker John Boehner’s claim that Ted Cruz was “Lucifer in the flesh” with how they saw Donald Trump. It’s all very silly and something that apparently needed to be on video to drive home the Trump has a citrus-y look gag.

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