Gretchen Carlson Hopes Her Experience Will Help Others Speak Out About Sexual Harassment

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11.19.16 6 Comments

On Friday, Gretchen Carlson gave her first interview since she filed a landmark sexual harassment case against her former Fox News boss Roger Ailes. During the interview with ABC News’ 20/20, Carlson told Amy Robach she had experienced sexual harassment early in her career and now wants to help speak out about the issue.

When Carlson filed her sexual harassment suit in July, it set off a chain of events that led to Ailes being ousted from the network. More women came forward, including Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, alleging Ailes also harassed them and created an antagonistic work environment. While Carlson settled out of court with Ailes, she said during the 20/20 interview that some women are still afraid to come forward if they are harassed and this type of mentality needs to stop:

“I don’t think we should judge women if they have waited because look at how we react to women when they finally do come forward. They’re accused of making it up. We have to make it a safer environment so that it’s no longer ‘he said, she said’ but maybe just ‘she said.'”

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