People Are Absolutely Furious Over The Rumor That Harambe Swayed The Election

11.09.16 1 year ago 10 Comments

Cincinnati Zoo on Twitter

By now, you’re likely aware that Donald Trump will be our next president, and it’s almost certain that you have a strong reaction to this news. Few people are completely neutral when it comes to the real estate mogul, especially considering how his xenophobic rhetoric has gone mainstream. America largely did not sleep on election night, and those who did will wake up to a different country. However, there’s nothing to do but push forward. But before people do that, they have to blame someone.

If you’ve spent any time on social media, you know about a certain trending gorilla. Specifically, Harambe the Gorilla has surfaced in a mysterious rumor that claims he racked up 11,000 votes in the general election. The unfortunate primate grew insanely popular after he was killed in the Cincinnati Zoo when a child fell into his enclosure. Countless memes cherish Harambe, but would people actually vote for him?

Well, the gorilla surfaced in polls, and Paul Ryan may have accidentally endorsed him. All of this was supposed to be a joke until Trump was elected president, and then folks on Twitter started spreading a rumor that Harambe scooped up 11,000 votes, which could have effectively handed some states to Trump. Now that Trump has won, it’s entirely possible that some states saw a notable amount of write-ins to Harambe or another candidate.

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