Have a Sexy Saturday

08.28.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

Trust me, you don't want to see the people mentioned below. Here's a couple of cosplayers instead.

Police in Zurich, Switzerland have set up “drive-in sex boxes” in the city’s red light district.  The boxes give prostitutes more privacy when they work, because if there’s one thing prostitutes are known for, it’s shyness.  Actually, the boxes are for the benefit of people living in the area, one of whom said, “They get up to all sorts in broad daylight – and we’re sick to death of looking at it.”  I think the paper made a mistake.  Shouldn’t the last half of that sentence be, “and I’m running out of popcorn and this lawn chair is making my butt look like plaid”?

Now let’s turn our attention to another disappointing public exhibition, this time in Austin, Texas.  A group assembled on National Go Topless Day for a topless protest of the injustice that women can’t go topless in public when men legally can.  But, since there was the prospect of possibly seeing one good-looking woman’s breasts for free, the event was flooded with gawking guys, some of them carrying cameras, vastly outnumbering any women in attendance.  Just a bunch of topless, sweaty, mostly out-of-shape guys whining about what a sausage party it was.  Here’s a protip, guys: if you want women to go topless in the parade next year, don’t show up in droves holding cameras, creeping everyone out.  This is why we can’t have nice things.

And speaking of topless women, a candidate for parliament in Brazil made this interesting campaign promise: a strip club in every town.  23-year-old stripper and porn actress Adriely Fatal is taking her campaign directly to the people, dancing in the back of a truck outside soccer stadiums while wearing hot pants.  She says she already has 10,000 votes pledged to her, and if she can get a couple thousand more she’ll earn a seat in parliament, where she wants to focus on hospitals and schools.  Because who knows more about good health and staying in school than a stripper / porn star?


  • “Drive-in Sex Boxes” are both a great city feature and an awesome band name. (Metro)
  • Worst. Topless Protest. Ever. (Statesman)
  • MP candidate in Brazil promises a strip club in every town.  This sounds far better than a chicken in every pot. (Arbroath)



  • For only $10 a month, “Awesomeness Reminders” calls people up each day to remind them they’re awesome. I’ll drunk dial you to tell you the same for free. Why won’t you love me? (Geekosystem)
  • Mimi Rosenthal gets a tattoo to celebrate her 101st birthday.  She’ll probably totally regret this when she’s older. (StPetersburgTimes)
  • A German man received a blow to the head at a New Year’s party five or six years ago. Turns out, he’d been shot, and the bullet was found this week. Here’s to you, so drunk you didn’t know you’d been shot guy. (Telegraph)



  • Bacon is totally healthy. (OnlineSchools)
  • Shockingly, co-workers who are hardworking and unselfish are also the least popular because they make the rest of us look bad. (Neatorama)
  • On a more serious note, tomorrow is the five year anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina flooding. Here’s an infographic about the aftermath. (VizWorld)


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