Here’s A Man Being Robbed At Gunpoint While His GoPro Films It All

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06.04.14 5 Comments

Malcolm Fox was just out enjoying a beautiful day in South Africa, minding his own business on his mountain bike until a group of men jumped him at gun point. They took his bike, his phone, and his sunglasses, but they neglected to take the main thing that probably cost them their freedom: his GoPro camera. From The Citizen:

The entire incident was caught on his GoPro camera which was mounted on his helmet. On the YouTube video which Fox posted, he said it was fortunate that the suspects had no clue what a GoPro is, and that it could be used as evidence.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut that all three suspects which appear in the video have been arrested on a charge of robbery.

With the help of the GoPro police managed to arrest two suspects on Sunday, a day after the incident occurred, with the third being arrested on Monday.

“Thorough investigation work led investigators to the suspects with the help of the footage,” said Traut.

It’s a pretty frightening video upon first glance, mostly due to the swift nature of the robbery and the location. If a guy came running at me out on a trail, I don’t think I’d be stopping. Of course I’d be lying somewhere dead too, but I’d have the fame of being the first man killed on a GoPro.

(Via Lucky Jakkals / Reddit)

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