Hillary Clinton Urges Voters To Stop Electing ‘Climate Change Deniers’ To The White House And Congress

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10.11.16 8 Comments

At a recent rally in Phoenix, Hillary Clinton finally brought up a specific campaign issue that has been almost suspiciously ignored throughout the 2016 election cycle. She urged the electorate not to vote for politicians who don’t support climate change legislation and progress. In the middle of a much longer and more extensive speech, only a month before Election Day and a few days after she beat Trump in the second debate, Clinton said “We cannot keep sending climate change deniers to Congress and the White House.” Specifically, she may have been referencing Donald Trump, but on a much larger scale she could be referring to many Presidents and member of the Cabinet, of Congress, and in the House who have not taken action against climate change.

Global warming has been one controversial subject that has been discussed less frequently than many have hoped on the campaign trail. At the most recent debate, Ken Bone (Ken Bone!) asked a question about coal and energy jobs in the United States, and Clinton was left to work in global warming on a broader level on her own time. For an issue that affects literally the entire world and everybody on it, regardless of political leanings, it has barely been discussed. Clinton is still committing less time than would be ideal to the minimizing of global warming during her campaign for the White House, but an outright plea like this is a step in the right direction. Now if only we could be completely sure that Hillary would follow through on this global warming concern and isn’t just using it in her stump speeches.

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