A CNN Panel Scolds Fox News For Reporting An Overheated Hillary Clinton As A ‘Medical Episode’

09.11.16 3 years ago 23 Comments

The above Fox News clip shows the network’s early break-in coverage of the moments when Hillary Clinton abruptly left a Ground Zero ceremony on the fifteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Her official campaign statement later revealed how, after about 90 minutes of the event, she reportedly felt “overheated” and was whisked away to her daughter’s apartment. A short while later, Clinton emerged with smiles and waves, but earlier footage of Clinton struggling and almost being lifted into her vehicle is raising eyebrows everywhere. Something was amiss, and it wasn’t good, but what?

What could have been a straightforward story was muddled by early rumors on the internet. Also a factor? A lack of communication by Clinton’s campaign as events unfolded. Only much later did her spokesman provide a statement. Meanwhile, the Alt-Right movement — which Clinton has slammed on many occasions — fueled the story and seized upon Fox News’ reporting of the incident when confirmation was sketchy. They described the event as “what appeared to be a medical episode” and told viewers that Clinton had “appeared to faint” and was taken “presumably to a hospital.” Although Fox News prefaced that statement with a “presumably,” there’s the reality that Clinton never went to the hospital this morning.

CNN’s Brian Stelter explained his network’s waiting game in the below clip. He led a panel of guests, all of whom slammed Fox News for what they deemed to be irresponsible coverage. Most prominently, the Baltimore Sun‘s David Zurawik denounced Fox News’ quick characterization of the event as a “medical episode.” Indeed, that term immediately started trending on social media following the Fox News report. Zurawik described his reaction to hearing the term used by a mainstream outlet like Fox News:

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