A New Poll Shows Hillary Clinton’s Lead Over Donald Trump Vanishing After Her Email Server Ruling

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07.12.16 6 Comments

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Hillary Clinton has had herself one heck of a week, and she may have her emails to thank for it. Several days after FBI Director James Comey said she would face no criminal charges for using her private email server while serving as Secretary of State — and following the State Department’s reopening of the investigation — Clinton has seen her lead over Donald Trump shrink.

A poll from NBC News and Survey Monkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll showed Clinton’s lead dwindle to just three points over Trump with voters saying they were swayed by her email controversy. No one should be panicking just yet, but the way the situation unfolded has left a sour taste in the public’s mouth, and voters remember.

For some voters, Comey’s handling of the situation was a bit lax. And as the calendar starts to flip and the election approaches, it could be an issue that bubbles to the surface again. 82 percent of those surveyed did believe Clinton’s use of her email was inappropriate and a small majority — 56 percent — feel he could have done a bit more. The survey went on to show the majority — 93 percent — of Trump supporters disagree with Comey’s decision, but what is fascinating is that two in 10 of Clinton supporters also felt this way.

The email controversy seems to be on the minds of all voters of the political spectrum, with even Clinton supporters voicing their disapproval. With the Democratic Party Convention just around the corner, Clinton may have some ground to make up, and this could affect her further standings in the polls. An expected endorsement by Bernie Sanders on Tuesday could help her situation as The Bern’s followers are loyal ones.

(Via NBC News)

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