The Internet Is Not Happy With Hillary Clinton’s Claim That She’s Just Like Your Abuela

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12.23.15 4 Comments
Democratic Candidates Attend New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention

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Hillary Clinton caused an internet ruckus with a new campaign initiative, which was designed to soften her image by playing up her grandmother status. Being that Clinton is often criticized for appearing too harsh, this wasn’t a bad idea. However, Team Clinton also used the opportunity to appeal to Hispanic voters with a piece called “7 Ways Hillary Clinton Is Like Your Abuela.” The letter included terms such as “el respeto” (Spanish for “respect”), which comes in handy when dealing with Donald Trump‘s inability to cope with women’s bathroom breaks. Clinton had this to say, as well:

“Mr. Trump insults and dismisses women. … And, you know, whenever he is pressed about the things he says about women, he says he loves women. In fact, to quote him, he cherishes us. Well, if it’s all the same to you, Mr. Trump, I would rather you stop cherishing women and start respecting women.”

Again, this is a solid point, but Team Clinton hammered her point home with a Spanish word (which she used during an immigration speech):

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