Hillary Clinton Condemns Trump’s Cavalier Attitude Towards Nuclear Weapons In An Effective New Ad

10.19.16 1 year ago

The biggest controversies plaguing Donald Trump have mostly involved his treatment of women, his failure to release his tax returns (and likelihood that he has not paid federal taxes in years), and his seemingly racist stances regarding immigration. But should Trump be elected president, all of those issues may pale in comparison to his attitude regarding nuclear weapons — and more specifically, why can’t we use them — as Hillary Clinton solemnly points out in this highly effective new campaign ad.

As with many of her other (so-called “nasty”) attack ads against Trump, once again Clinton uses Trump’s own words against him, this time in between clips from a Morning Joe segment that aired back in August, when host Joe Scarborough relayed a story from a foreign policy expert who had been assigned to advise Trump. During the hour-long briefing, the candidate reportedly asked about the use of nuclear weapons three times. Even more chilling were the words of former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden, who told Scarborough: “It’s scenario dependent, but the system is designed for speed and decisiveness. It’s not designed to debate the decision.”

The minute-and-a-half spot closes out with a clip Clinton’s DNC speech, in which she declares, “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.” Clinton’s ad game has been strong though this entire election cycle, but this may be the most powerful one yet.

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