Hillary Clinton Takes On Trump’s Slams Against Women In Her Historic Victory Speech

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06.07.16 17 Comments

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On this final Super Tuesday, Hillary Clinton declared herself the presumptive Democratic nominee during her New Jersey victory speech. She’s having a fantastic evening of victories so far after reaching the delegate threshold and clinching the nomination. Bernie Sanders wasn’t pleased about the timing, nor does he agree to accept any nominee that was decided, in large part, by over 500 superdelegates. However, the Democratic tradition says this is just fine, and so Clinton is sitting comfy as she enjoys a brief respite before the general election.

Clinton took a Brooklyn podium to deliver a historic speech, which marks the first time a woman shall be a major party presidential nominee. She started with an acknowledgement of how “we are all standing under a glass ceiling right now.” (The audience was literally standing underneath such an enclosure.) Clinton then alluded to the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention for women’s rights before thanking Sanders for his long career of progressive causes and being “good” for the Democrats. Then she took a little dig at Sanders (who always rails against her Wall Street transcripts) by envisioning a country “where Wall Street can never wreck Main Street again.”

Finally, Clinton set the stage for battle against Donald Trump. She shifted towards hoping for a “tolerant, exclusive, and fair” society where “bridges are better than walls.” She declared him “temperamentally unfit” for the highest office in the land. And she ripped his unsavory sentiments against a “Mexican” judge, how he mocked a disabled reporter, and how he “calls women pigs.” Clinton told the crowd that Trump is the very antithesis of her followers, but she gives him credit for “reminding us daily just. how. great. he. is.”

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