Hillary Clinton Was Ruthless With Her Trump Jokes At The Al Smith Charity Dinner

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10.20.16 16 Comments

Who knew Hillary Clinton could be such a savage joke teller? She’s been through a lot this election cycle, having to deal with Donald Trump’s stump speeches and the entire GOP acting like children around him, and has held up fairly well. One fainting spell aside, that is.

So on Thursday night at the annual Al Smith Charity Dinner, where that year’s presidential candidates roast each other for charity and share the stage one last time before Election Day, Hillary decided to go for the jugular and show off her joke-telling skills.

But not before Trump gave his own speech, which bombed spectacularly. Watch the full video of his “jokes” below, but be warned that you probably won’t laugh at anything other than Giuliani’s facial expressions and Melania’s confusion over whether her husband mocking her is humorous or not.

Hillary though, Hillary went all out. It’s almost assuredly the funniest she’s ever been in public, and her jokes had Twitter howling. She made fun of herself a decent amount, which is a general requirement of all roasts and a good move politically.

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