These Houston Shooting Rampage Photos Look Like Something From An Action Movie

News Editor
05.29.16 8 Comments

This Memorial Day weekend has been an eventful one in Houston, Texas, where record-breaking floods created much chaos. To add to the peace-shattering vibe, an active shooting situation broke out on Sunday. Reports indicated two gunmen in West Houston where police asked residents to shelter in place. The incident left two people dead (one a suspect, and the other a citizen who was gunned down in his vehicle) and six injured (including two officers). Authorities took the remaining shooter into custody, and the situation is no longer active. No motive has been reported yet.

The incident reportedly began at a gas station where a bullet penetrated a gas tank, which exploded in flames. The gunmen armed themselves with AR-15s and shot at a police helicopter, which sustained five bullet holes. Once the initial news broke, The Houston Police Department immediately took to Facebook to keep folks updated on injured parties at hospitals. Twitter also saw plenty of citizen reports. One resident had a close call with one gunman — who shot directly at him — as he sat in his car.

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