Puerto Rico Narrowly Avoided A Direct Hit From Hurricane Irma, But The Threat Of Heavy Flooding Remains

09.06.17 2 years ago

Hurricane Irma — still holding steady with 185 mph sustained winds as a Category 5 storm (and the strongest recorded in the Atlantic) — barreled through much of the Caribbean on Wednesday. The storm left St. Martin in shambles and cut off Barbuda from contact with the outside world. That island was almost completely destroyed, and currently, Berbuda’s death toll sits at one person. As for Puerto Rico, the U.S. territory expected the absolute worst but has received some good news, as Irma sideswiped the island. The storm’s eye passed north of Puerto Rico, yet heavy damage has still occurred despite the lack of a direct hit.

As seen in the above video clip (with additional clips below), the howling wind sounded almost like a train on Puerto Rico, which has seen power outages for at least 20% of its residents thus far. That percentage will likely increase, and those residents could remain without power for up to four months. Here’s a video clip of a power cable striking the ground and a capacitor explosion.

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