Is Facebook Jealous of The Googlephone?

09.24.10 7 years ago 2 Comments

First up, the rumors of Facebook developing some cell phones, which we here on in are going to call the Facephone. Social networking is a big hairy deal on mobile phones right now, as most people have realized that they’ve bought an expensive smart phone and required data plan just because it looked cool and not because they’ll actually use any of the functions on it. But they’re paying for data, so why not browse Facebook while waiting for the bus?

As a result, everybody’s trying to get in on it. We all might remember Microsoft’s disastrous Kin, which thought it could charge Ferrari prices for a busted Chevy Nova of a phone. Yeah, that illusion lasted all of a month. But that isn’t going to stop Facebook, apparently.

By all accounts, the participatory Big Brother is working with INQ Mobile, who actually do know how to integrate social networking applications into a cell phone. This was demonstrated by the INQ1, which managed to have Facebook, Skype, Yahoo!, eBay and Google on the phone, and have them actually work. Hence, Facebook is consulting them on the Facephone.

We’re skeptical this is a good idea, if for no other reason than my underwear has enough processing power to run Facebook at this point. The Facephone will need to stand out in some respect other than allowing jailbait to immediately post their bikini pictures…

OK, maybe this is actually a good idea.

Bad idea or good idea, Mark Zuckerberg can afford it. Zuckerberg, who wasn’t even a billionaire last year, is now worth $6.9 billion, which you’d think would be enough to shut down “The Social Network”, but apparently not. For some people this was something to get worked up about because Steve Jobs is a poor man at a mere $6.1 billion.

How’d that happen? Jobs doesn’t actually collect a salary from Apple, or own much Apple stock. Most of his net worth comes from owning a nice fat chunk of Disney, thanks to owning Pixar and supervising one of the most popular animation houses with several of the most popular franchises on the face of the Earth. If you care, they’re both beaten by the founders of Google, who lurk just below the top ten, collecting their personal information, waiting to strike with an updated feature.

Bill Gates, meanwhile, is still so rich that it’s literally not worth his time to pick up a hundred dollar bill in the street.


  • The Facephone will deliver you calls IN! THE! FAAAAACE! (CNet)
  • Forbes breaks down who’s richer than you are, or ever will be. (Forbes)



  • In other news, Facebook might also be taking on PayPal. Good luck with that. (NY Times)
  • And in warm fuzzy news, Mark Zuckerberg is donating $100 million to Newark schools. Awww, they might finally be able to afford books! (CNN)
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  • Facebook has half a billion active users. And about half of them are playing some retarded game and posting it on their wall. (Facebook)
  • Facebook costs the Irish over a billion dollars a year in lost productivity. Which kind of makes us wonder about the Irish economy, although it’s in line with British estimates, back in 2007, of companies losing over $200 million a day. (Silicon Republic)


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