Another 6+ Earthquake Strikes Central Italy, Bringing More Destruction And Terrifying Weary Civilians

10.30.16 1 year ago

Getty Image

Months after a 6..2 earthquake rocked Italy, killing hundreds and nearly wiping an entire town off the map, Italians are once again cleaning up after a powerful quake. The difference this time around is the death toll is far lower, with many giving credit to the fears following the previous calamity.

The 6.6 quake was centered north of the town of Norcia and has left numerous historical buildings in rubble, including the Basilica of San Benedetto that has been “leveled to its core” according to CNN.

According to The Guardian, there are no reports of any deaths yet and only ten injuries form the quake with one being called “serious.” Images and video released show the aftermath, with one of the more startling scenes being a group of nuns fleeing the destruction. CNN reports that many are still trapped in the main square of Norcia and emergency crews are attempting to get to the area as buildings are threatening to crumble:

Father Benedetto from the monastery’s Monks of Norcia told the state-run ANSA news agency: “We monks are all fine but our hearts go out to those affected, and the monks of the monastery are trying to figure out if anyone is in need of their last rites.

“We rely, as always, on your prayers and your support,” he said.

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