Will Women Buy What Ivanka Is Selling For The Trump Administration?

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02.17.17 2 Comments

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Ivanka Trump stands as one of the few women who can influence President Trump. There’s also Kellyanne Conway, of course, the counselor who will vigorously defend her boss, his White House press secretary, and all of the administration’s alternative facts to boot. A very low key Hope Hicks, who serves as Trump’s director of strategic communications, sits on the quieter end of the spectrum. She’s seldom seen or heard from, other than to issue the briefest of statements on her boss’ behalf.

Somewhere in the middle, there’s Ivanka. These days, she’s a relatively muted presence who — together with her husband, former Observer publisher-turned senior advisor Jared Kushner — was supposed to have her father’s ear on a number of policy issues. She’s also thought to act as an unofficial hostess in the absence of Donald’s wife, Melania, who has made no secret of her desire to stay in Manhattan during the beginning of her husband’s presidency. As for jokes that Ivanka might fill the FLOTUS role, she has deemed the notion “inappropriate.”

While her father took office, Ivanka telegraphed her policy-bound intent and placed her businesses on hold for the next four years (give or take another term). As if on cue, retailers also began to drop Ivanka’s clothing brand due to poor sales. This caused a ruckus, but Ivanka forged forward with another objective — to focus the next four years on family life by acclimating her three children with Kushner to life in Washington, D.C.

Currently, D.C. resident Ivanka potentially sits in a prime position of (unpaid) power. What will she do as First Daughter?

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