Ivanka Trump Managed To Stir Up Some Popsicle Controversy On Memorial Day

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05.29.17 29 Comments

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It’s easy to get caught up in the barbecuing, three day weekends, and unofficial start of summer on Memorial Day, but first and foremost its to remember the brave men and women who have lost their lives in defense of this country. However, if you’re Ivanka Trump, it’s time to shill your recipe for champagne popsicles.

Trump has been trying to position herself as a relatable wife and mother since the beginning of her father’s presidential campaign, but the cracks have certainly started to show. Between her extremely tone deaf book, dismal conditions for the workers who make her brand’s clothing, and her overall complicit behavior, Trump certainly has had her fair share of controversy in an already controversial administration.

This latest faux pas, though, has left many frustrated, with many tweeting that champagne popsicles might not be the most appropriate on a holiday marked by loss.

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