Jamie Lee Curtis Defended Her Former Co-Star Lindsay Lohan After Donald Trump’s Lewd Comments

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10.15.16 12 Comments

Following a string of other ridiculously stupid things Donald Trump has said in the past week (month…year…lifetime…), this week the businessman and Republican candidate for president put Lindsay Lohan in his crosshairs. Or, as is more accurate, back in the crosshairs when some comments he made about her in 2004 with Howard Stern made the rounds again. Whereas the comments didn’t really make that big of an impact when the interview first happened (lots of people had Lindsay’s name on their lips in Hollywood at that time), they are definitely making headlines now as Trump’s campaign continues to crumble into a fine dust of Republican dreams and campaign manager tears.

In the interview, Trump said,

“She’s probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed. How come the deeply troubled women, you know, deeply, deeply troubled, they’re always the best in bed?”

Now, Lohan hasn’t commented about the resurfacing of these brutal comments, but she’s super busy almost losing fingers in Turkey and all that. Her former Freaky Friday co-star Jamie Lee Curtis however, is not taking the recirculation of this interview lying down. She posted a tweet and a Facebook post saying

“How dare you. She needed help. @realDonaldTrump. “Yeah, you’re probably right, she’s probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed.”

Of course, knowing Trump at this point, he’ll just spin Curtis’ words into proving that she agrees with him. Hopefully Trump has spent more time with Lohan since 2004 seeing as she was spending a lot of time in Russia with her ex-fiancé, and understood that she was worth more than just degrading sexual comments. Probably not though. Comfort can be had in the fact that Lohan seems to be happy and healthy and doing well post-break up, and hasn’t even batted an eye in regards to Trump’s grossness.

(via The Huffington Post)

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