House Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz Plans To Resign From Congress As Soon As Possible

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05.18.17 14 Comments

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Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has probably not had the 2017 he was expecting. Between his own gaffes and the ongoing bombshells about the Trump administration that seemingly drop daily, he spends most of his time dealing with scandal. And apparently he’s decided that enough is enough.

Politico is reporting that Chaffetz, who has already said he won’t seek re-election in a move that surprised many in Washington, will be sprinting out the door as early as the end of June. This comes just hours after Chaffetz was on Fox News, insisting that there was no evidence Trump was tied to Russia and that Democrats “had no ideas.”

This just adds to the mystery of why Chaffetz is so eager to get away from Washington, especially as it opens the door to yet another special election in the House that the GOP will have to dedicate time, money, and other resources towards. The moves he’s making are usually the behavior of a politician resigning in disgrace. Yet while Chaffetz’ constituents are angry about how he’s handling the many, many allegations against the Trump administration, there’s yet to be any sort of major scandal engulfing Chaffetz himself.

That he’s claiming everything is fine in public while also inching towards the door for no explicable reason certainly raises a few eyebrows, which causes people to wonder exactly why Chaffetz’ words aren’t aligning with his actions.

(via Politico)

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