Jeff Sessions Once Lectured Bill Clinton That ‘No One Is Above The Law’ When It Comes To Perjury

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03.02.17 14 Comments

In the newly resurrected 1999 C-SPAN interview, now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions (then an Alabama senator) can be seen discussing President Bill Clinton’s impeachment and alleged perjury. He stressed that lying under oath is a serious matter. “As a former federal prosecutor for 12 years [and state] attorney general for two years, I know and believe very deeply in the rule of law,” he said. “In America… no one is above the law.” Even a recently confirmed U.S. Attorney General, it turns out.

On Thursday, Sessions denied claims made by the Washington Post, which asserted that he spoke with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the 2016 presidential election. At the time, the Alabama senator was a member of the Armed Services Committee and may or may not have had a legitimate reason for the communication. Yet he was also a top foreign policy advisor to Trump, so when Sen. Al Franken asked Sessions whether he had knowledge of possible Russian connections during confirmation, he said no. In other words, the eventual U.S. Attorney General allegedly lied under oath.

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