Jessica Chastain, Asia Argento, And Others Praise Uma Thurman For Speaking Out About Weinstein And Tarantino

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02.04.18 13 Comments

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The reactions to Uma Thurman’s shocking interview in the New York Times came strong on Saturday after the story hit publication. Many had been waiting to hear Thurman’s take on Harvey Weinstein after she hinted at her anger in November 2017. The eventual truth was similar to previous claims made against Weinstein, but it was the accusations made against director Quentin Tarantino that ended up standing out after the initial impact.

His alleged treatment of Thurman on the set of Kill Bill highlights something separate from the actions of Harvey Weinstein, but still very familiar to those in the industry who weighed in after the story hit.

Jessica Chastain highlighted this in her thread, calling Thurman a “warrior” and noting that directors who insert themselves into scenes, particularly those featuring violence against women, cross a line:

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