Jill Stein Reminds Everyone That She Exists By Bizarrely Blaming The U.S. For North Korea’s Nukes

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07.31.17 7 Comments

Throughout the 2016 election season, the wifi-hating Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, functioned mostly as a novelty, until she captured over one million votes, and we’ll never know what effect she had in swing states like Michigan and Wisconsin, although it was possibly significant. So, Stein’s resurfacing in an MSNBC interview run served as a reminder that she might have tipped the balance in some states — which is even more of a head shaker because she completely trashed the U.S. for what she called the “demonization” of Kim Jong-un’s regime in the interest of taking over:

“The demonization of North Korea is part of the run-up to regime change. It’s part of demonizing a government that we then want to exercise regime change on.”

This subject arose, of course, because North Korea recently launched a successful second test of a long-range, intercontinental ballistic missile. Host Alex Witt said this continued provocation presented a real global danger, but Stein believes that North Korea’s hand has been forced by U.S. actions:

“But remember where that came from. Long before they began their missile tests the U.S. was conducting nuclear bombing runs against North Korea. We actually had nuclear weapons until the end of the cold war We actually had nuclear weapons stationed in South Korean … So, this is very frightening to them. They have been basically cornered into feeling like they have to develop a nuclear weapon.”

This was only one chunk within two full minutes of rambling, WTF-inducing rhetoric as Stein made several excuses for North Korea’s bloodlust regarding not only the U.S. but South Korea, which she believes would really love a peace treaty, if only the U.S. would allow it. On a somewhat related note, Stein also made sure to condemn the recent strengthening of U.S. sanctions on Russia. She believes they’re wayyy unfair because — again, in her mind — all of the significant events involving Russian interference in the election only constitute “circumstantial” evidence. Okay then.


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