Jimmy Kimmel Breathes A Sigh Of Relief During His Victory Lap After The Death Of The GOP’s Healthcare Bill

Entertainment Writer

The latest chapter in the healthcare fight has come to an end and with it comes the end of Jimmy Kimmel’s starring role. While it was technically a continuation of the fight he started in May after the birth of his son and the health scare that followed, Kimmel took the latest developments personally because it involved Senator Bill Cassidy. The senator was a guest on Kimmel’s show shortly after the host’s emotional monologue about his son and mentioned that any bill passed by Congress would need to pass “the Jimmy Kimmel test” to earn his vote.

Cassidy then ignored all of that by co-sponsoring the latest bill and nullified everything he said to Kimmel, lying to his face as the host put it. This led to the host using his show as a platform to launch countless attacks on the bill and criticize those pushing it through Congress, including Cassidy, Lindsey Graham, and the folks at Fox And Friends.

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