Jimmy Kimmel Doesn’t Mince Words Over Bill Cassidy’s Healthcare Bill: ‘He Just Lied Right To My Face’

Entertainment Writer
09.19.17 4 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel is taking the latest GOP push for healthcare reform personally, lashing out at co-sponsor Bill Cassidy during the monologue of Tuesday’s show. The host has already taken a few personal shots at the ACA repeal efforts in the past, using his newborn son’s health scare as a starting point to discuss the need for accessible healthcare on his show. This brought Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy on the show to discuss his claim that any healthcare bill that makes it way through the senate has to pass the Jimmy Kimmel test in order to get his vote:

As is pretty clear after only a quick glance at the new bill — poised to go to a vote in the coming days before the September 30th deadline — it doesn’t check any of those boxes. As Kimmel puts it, the only Jimmy Kimmel test it does pass is the one where only a kid whose father is Jimmy Kimmel is going to be able to afford coverage.

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