Jimmy Kimmel Had ‘Number One Fan’ Jake Byrd Brilliantly Troll Trump Supporters At The Inauguration

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In case you missed last week’s preview, Jimmel Kimmel brought back his popular Jake Byrd character (otherwise known as Jimmy Kimmel Live writer Tony Barbieri) to troll spectators who showed up in Washington D.C. for the inauguration of Donald Trump — where he managed to goof at least one local news station. On Monday night Kimmel unveiled the entire six and a half minute reel, and let’s just say it does not disappoint.

As Jake Byrd, Barbieri manages to brilliantly tow the line, trolling people in a way that they’re not totally sure whether or not they’re being trolled, from the aforementioned members of the media to Trump supporters themselves to even Alex Jones of Infowars — who definitely wasn’t in on the joke.

For example, when Byrd approaches two festively adorned supporters early on in the segment who affirm that Trump is going to make America great again, he adds his own two cents: “You know, the demakooks and the liberalachis keep saying that Donald Trump doesn’t support the LGBTGIF, but lemme tell you something, he loves those lady dudes, okay? Half of those expensive escorts he hired were part fella!” Flabbergasted, the woman responds with only a half enthused, “Amen!”

Later, when Trump declares during his inauguration that “the United States of America is your country,” Byrd screams at passersby, “And Russia’s also your country! Now we also get Russia, it’s a twofer!” So that’s a pretty optimistic way of looking at things, anyway. Something tells me we’re going to need more of Jake Byrd around to make it through the next four years.

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