Jimmy Kimmel Isn’t Ready For Trump’s ‘Button’ Measuring With Kim Jong-Un: ‘It’s Only January 2nd!’

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01.03.18 2 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel’s first show of 2018 was a lot like some of his final shows of 2017, spending his opening monologue discussing Donald Trump. But the president gave him plenty of ammunition to work with already, prompting the host to actually say he’s not ready for 2018 to be exactly like last year.

Kimmel points out that the president had tweeted eight times before 10 AM on January 2nd, including the message about commercial airlines that Kimmel calls the early frontrunner for Trump’s tweet of the year — even if 2017 featured the same safety record as the previous few years. That said, it was his early evening tweet that gave Kimmel the most animated reaction in his opening.

The president’s response to Kim Jong-Un is still fresh for many to wrap their heads around, with some folks even questioning how it doesn’t break Twitter’s rules about violent tweets. While that type of response isn’t new, the idea that the President of the United States is having a “button” measuring contest with Kim Jong-un over their respective nuclear buttons is. It isn’t every day that the president is measuring the size of his “button” with the leader of another country. For Kimmel, it’s his reason to tell the crowd, “Happy New Year”:

“Happy New Year everybody – We have two maniacs with nuclear warheads bragging about who has a bigger button…by the way, it’s only January 2nd.”

If anything, late night in 2018 has gotten off to a typical start. We’ll just have to see if it maintains that 2017 pace, slows down, or manifests into something worse.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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