Joe Scarborough And Mika Brzezinski Share Why They Weren’t Too Shocked By Trump’s ‘Bleeding’ Tweets

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Following the not-so-surprising news that Joe Scarborough was moving out of the Republican party, many were properly teased for an interview with Stephen Colbert that was guaranteed to be a little livelier than Sean Hannity’s pillow fight with Donald Trump Jr. earlier in the night. Nobody knows what is in store for Scarborough Country now that former congressman and longtime MSNBC personality has ditched the party of Lincoln, but he and Brzezinski don’t seem too worried. As some have pointed out, it isn’t like he’s actually changed any of his politics. It just doesn’t enjoy his teammates too much these days.

One of the big reasons is their continued support of Donald Trump. While Scarborough was hunky dory with the president during the earlier days of his campaign, he’s soured on the controversial leader and recently became the latest to catch the venomous eye of the White House troll. Morning Joe doesn’t make it past the president’s TV watching habits too much it seems, despite his tweets at the contrary, and he lashed out at the pair after Brzezinski made comments about his fake Time magazine cover on the air. This led to the “bleeding facelift” tweets and a few days of condemnation from everybody around the media and Washington establishment.

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