John Legend Schools Donald Trump’s Son While Calling Papa Trump A Racist On Twitter

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03.12.16 6 Comments
Donald Trump Hold Campaign Rally In Orlando, Florida

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John Legend is already a pretty awesome guy for a lot of reasons. His music career speaks for itself, what with all those Grammys and incredible performances. Also He’s, by all accounts, a great partner for Chrissy Teigen and about to be a pretty cool father to their daughter.

He is also never shy with his political views, especially when there is a situation that calls for him to stand up for minorities or a discriminated class. That last category is where his latest exploits fall, going toe to toe with Donald Trump. Or at least, one of the Donald Trumps.

After Trump’s latest political rally in Chicago fell apart amidst thousands of protestors letting their voices be head, the presidential candidate’s son decided he wanted to chime in on Twitter. Donald Trump Jr., an apple that didn’t fall far from the tree, tweeted that the protestors didn’t even know why they were protesting. Legend decided to educate him with a simple tweet back.

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