John Leguizamo Credits Donald Trump For Uniting The Latino Community (Against Him)

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10.22.16 3 Comments

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John Leguizamo said Donald Trump has done one good thing this election cycle, rile up the Latino community. On Friday, the Colombian-American actor penned an op-ed for The New York Times saying now is the time for the Latino community to vote and have their voices heard.

The impassioned op-ed covers a number of topics, but the main thing Leguizamo gets across is that voting should be important to the Latino community. He said in the past groups have tried to corral the Latino vote but to no avail. But he says the inflammatory rhetoric Trump has been spewing about Latino people lately, has gotten the community invigorated:

“Donald J. Trump has done one good thing. He has galvanized a conflicted and diverse community. For years, activists and politicians have struggled to get Latinos to vote and show their power. But not until Mr. Trump’s racist rhetoric shone a light on anti-Latino sentiment did we feel the need to make our voices heard on the issues that matter to us.”

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