Civil Rights Icon John Lewis ‘Would Not Invite’ Donald Trump To Visit Selma With Him

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01.15.17 4 Comments

Donald Trump’s feud with John Lewis has largely swallowed MLK weekend, so we’ll dig through more updates. First up, Lewis paid a visit to Meet the Press to discuss his belief that Trump’s not a “legitimate president” in light of Russian hacking. Chuck Todd asked Lewis if he’d invite Trump to visit Selma, Alabama — where Lewis was beaten by police during nonviolent civil rights protests on Bloody Sunday in 1965 — and Lewis responded:

Todd: “Would you take him to Selma?”

Lewis: “Well, by going to Selma, like President Bush, President Clinton, President Obama, maybe he would learn something. Maybe he would get religion.”

Todd: “So, you would bring him? You would do that for him, if he asked?”

Lewis: “I would not invite him to come.”

Todd: “But if he asked to come, would you let him?”

Lewis: “I wouldn’t try do anything to prevent him from coming.”

Lewis’ answers arrived before Trump’s transition team communicated that he’s no longer expected to visit (due to a “scheduling conflict”) the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture on MLK Day.

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