The John Oliver Effect May Have Another Success Thanks To California’s Decision On Civil Forfeiture

Managing Editor, Trending

The John Oliver Effect is apparently very real when it comes to certain legislative decisions, at least when it comes to raising awareness around those issues. His antics inspired a bill on net neutrality in Washington state, was cited in a ruling by a ninth circuit judge in reference to his report on U.S. territories, and he even made a mockery of the New York Yankees expensive seating arrangements. That last one isn’t really a major issue, but it’s funny to look back and see how he extends out past just his little zone on HBO.

The latest to feel the effect is a piece of legislation that was recently signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in California. The bill, SB 443, reforms already existing rules regarding civil forfeiture and attempts to set a precedent for federal law to follow. The bill puts forth the following checks:

Require a criminal conviction before agencies can receive equitable-sharing payments from the federal government on forfeited real estate, vehicles, boats and cash valued at under $40,000. This will mostly close the equitable-sharing loophole.

Raise the threshold to forfeit seized cash under state law, from $25,000 to $40,000.

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