John Oliver On Harvey Weinstein: ‘He’s Like A Sex Criminal Version Of The Kool-Aid Man’

10.16.17 5 months ago

John Oliver kicked off Sunday’s new Last Week Tonight by tackling the biggest scandal to erupt over the course of the previous week: the insidiously long list of sexual harassment and assault allegations now lobbed against Harvey Weinstein. Actress Angie Everhart was one of the latest to come out with her own story about the once-famed Hollywood producer; detailing a time that Weinstein actually broke into her room while she was sleeping aboard a yacht during the Cannes Film Festival and masturbated in front of her.

But as Oliver pointed out, it wasn’t just Weinstein’s behavior that was horrifying, but the way people around him excused it. Because when Everhart told other people aboard what happened, they just dismissed it as, “Oh, that’s just Harvey.” “What the f–k,” Oliver exclaimed, after rolling a clip of Everhart’s interview. “So everyone knew, and they just went with it? Oh yeah, Harvey’s going to burst into your room and masturbate, that’s just Harvey. He’s like a sex criminal version of the Kool-Aid man.”

Although Weinstein has since been expelled from the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences board of governors, Oliver later noted that this is a group that counts among its current members shining examples of the Hollywood elite such as Roman Polanski, Bill Cosby, and Mel Gibson, but “they found the one guy who treated women badly and kicked him out.” Congratulations Hollywood, sexism is cured.

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