Kate Upton Discusses Breaking Her Silence On The Sexual Misconduct She Endured In Fashion

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02.09.18 9 Comments

On Wednesday, Time published an interview with Kate Upton in which she accused Guess co-founder Paul Marciano of repeated sexual misconduct, starting on the first day of her first professional modeling shoot with the company when she was just 18. Upton claims that Marciano forcibly grabbed her breasts and after she pushed him away, continued fondling her and trying to pull her close to him — allegations which were corroborated by Yu Tsai, the photographer on the shoot.

When Upton later refused to let Marciano up to her hotel room, she says she was fired from the campaign the next morning because she had “gotten fat.” Guess continued to pursue work with her however, and this pattern of behavior continued until her final shoot in May of 2011.

Upton stopped by Good Morning America on Friday morning to open up about her experiences. She says she was first inspired to come forward with her story after working with young models at Fashion Week, who — like she once had been — were excited to break into the field, and how differently she felt about the industry after working with Marciano. “I wanted to prevent that for these other girls who were just starting out,” she told Robin Roberts.

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