Kellyanne Conway Is Accusing Anderson Cooper Of ‘Sexism’ For Rolling His Eyes At Her

05.11.17 11 months ago 35 Comments

Whether some people like it or not, someone seems to have recently found White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, and she’s once again making appearances on your favorite news channel, spinning herself into the ground in the process. On the bright side, whether you’re a fan of Conway’s or not, she definitely makes for compelling TV and memorable alt-fact moments. On Tuesday, Conway popped up on CNN in an interview with Anderson Cooper (while Sean Spicer was hiding after James Comey’s firing), and, predictably, it did not go well for her, but it definitely entertained us.

Cooper has a history of being clearly annoyed with Conway, but this time she claims his eye-roll-seen-all-over-the-world went a bit too far, saying Cooper would never pull that sort of move on a male guest. She added that it’s the sort of stuff she has to deal with all the time.

“Let me tell you something: Hillary Clinton is in search of sexism as a lame excuse for why her disastrous candidacy and campaign lost six months ago. I face sexism a lot of times when I show up for interviews like that. Could you imagine rolling your eyes, having a male anchor on a network roll eyes at Hillary Clinton … a female representative/spokesperson for President Obama or President Bill Clinton?”

Well, actually … people do remember. While Cooper hasn’t dished out an epic eye roll to Clinton in the past (not on TV, anyway), the CNN host did give Clinton the business over her campaign’s lack of transparency. Sexism is a delicate issue, of course, and Fox News is trying to repair its own image regarding women, but CNN doesn’t seem too worried about the eye roll.

In the end, #EyeRollGate seems a little overblown. Conway is known for flipping her air and delivering zingers of her own while on air, so the occasional light-hearted response from a host shouldn’t be taken as a shot at her gender. If you’d like to relive the eye roll, here’s a replay of that moment.

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