Kellyanne Conway: It’s Up To The Obamas And Hillary Clinton To Calm Anti-Trump Protesters

News Editor

Kellyanne Conway’s extended victory lap continued on Sunday morning on multiple talk shows. First, she spoke with Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press to address the nationwide anti-Trump protests that have continued for several days. A few days ago, Trump addressed the marchers in his usual contradictory manner. He first called them “professional protesters” and said it was “unfair” that they should be allowed to exercise their First Amendment right to assembly and free speech. Trump then praised their “passion for our great country” and vowed to bring everyone together.

Todd grilled Conway on how Trump could call these protests unfair, since he called for people to “march on Washington” following President Obama’s reelection in 2012. Conway, as always, switched focuses and stressed that Trump was serious about being a president to all Americans. And she says it’s on the current president, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton to reassure the protesters that everything will be alright:

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