Kellyanne Conway Says She Would Choose Death Over Having Sean Spicer’s Press Secretary Job

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03.19.17 3 Comments

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Trump Counselor Kellyanne Conway, who famously invented the Bowling Green Massacre to justify Trump’s Muslim ban, has become well known for her evasive press tactics. She turned “alternative facts” into a household term, and she addresses this and more during a New York profile written by Olivia Nuzzi. Basically, Conway claims that alternative facts are not lies but different ways to arrive at the same conclusion, as in “two plus two is four. Three plus one is four.” Yes, she’s still (proudly) full of it.

The most climactic moment of the piece (although there a few more that we’ll mention) arrives when Conway, who Nuzzi likens to a “glamorous mosquito,” doesn’t hold back while criticizing the White House’s handling of the Michael Flynn-Russian ties scandal. However, she recoils and issues a graphic response when Nuzzi asks whether she’d want to do the press secretary job, should Sean Spicer ever get canned:

Leaning on her desk, she looked at her iPhone, with its giant font and banner alerts, and noticed that news had broken that Flynn had extended an apology to Pence. She mumbled the headline aloud. “Hmm,” she said. “Did we really need to put that out there?” She ate a few pieces of cinnamon-flavored Orbit, the gum of choice of Sean Spicer, who’s technically the public face of the new administration, though Conway was first floated as an obvious pick for press secretary. Asked if she would ever want his job, she rolled her eyes. “Slit my wrists, bleed out, put cement shoes on, jump off the bridge, and then I’ll take the job — are you kidding me?”

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