Kellyanne Conway Texts ‘Morning Joe’ During A Live Broadcast To Call Their Reporting ‘Sexist’

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Following a report drawn from top sources in Donald Trump‘s White House transition team, which claimed the president-elect wasn’t too happy with Kellyanne Conway’s recent performance on the Sunday talk show circuit, the senior adviser texted Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough to denounce it. Specifically, she took issue with elements of the anonymously-sourced report that were, per her message’s description, “sexist.”

“We have a response from Kellyanne Conway, who says about our reporting this morning: ‘It is sexist.’ She says she can have any job she wants, and is thinking about taking a role inside and outside of the campaign,” Scarborough told co-host Mika Brzezinski and the rest of the Morning Joe panel. “I’m not sure how that reporting is sexist because those were sources at the top of the campaign.”

Bloomberg Politics editor Mark Halperin agreed with Scarborough’s confusion, saying “if Reince Priebus had done what she did, people would be raising the same questions, and as best I know he’s not a woman.” The two men, along with the rest of the male-dominated panel, giggled along with Halperin’s “he’s not a woman” gag about Priebus. Brzezinski, however, alluded to the possible source of Conway’s claim of sexism — which came not from the report of Trump’s ire, but from a few choice comments uttered by Scarborough earlier in the show: “Well she also said that she could get any job she wants.”

The line may have been a reference to a moment during Morning Joe‘s previous hour, when Scarborough speculated: “Kellyanne doesn’t have a job yet. She’s angry about that. She hasn’t been offered the job she wants.” Brzezinski tried to interrupt her co-host then, but he brushed her off and continued, saying “No she is! I can report that. And so she’s striking out. She’s not in any of the meetings where these decisions are being made and she’s angry about that.” Oof.

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