Kid Rock Still Seems To Be Teasing America With A U.S. Senate Run In Michigan

Entertainment Writer
07.12.17 7 Comments

Getty Image / Kid Rock / Warner Bros.

Kid Rock was one of many to use the ascendance of Donald Trump to the presidency as a sign that maybe they could make a run into politics. He was joined by Joe Piscopo’s now scrapped run to be governor of New Jersey and Ted Nugent’s competing run for the U.S. Senate on the GOP ticket, creating some sort of nightmare scenario where uptight politicians are forced to flatter the guy who wrote “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang.” Most of those potential political runs have faded into the night, but Kid Rock’s soldiers on to haunt us once again.

While the actual substance behind Kid Rock For Senate is still up in the air — The AV Club even points out that the “buy now” button leads to the Warner Bros. records website — there is a series of t-shirts, hats, yard signs, and stickers that you can buy and wear around to support the outspoken rocker in his search for political superiority:

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