Surprise, Kim Davis’ Attorney Is Behind The River Of Anti-LGBT Bathroom Bills

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04.14.16 7 Comments

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Kim Davis has kept a low profile since being freed from jail after refusing to do her job of authorizing marriage licenses. She claimed religious liberty as the reason she wouldn’t allow same-sex couples to marry in Rowan County, and her crusade was not ultimately successful. Davis enjoyed some time in the limelight and dragged her magnificent poncho to President Obama’s last State of the Union address. She then ducked a porn company offer and got snubbed by Pope Francis before deciding this world was too cruel. Davis has returned to work while claiming she never wanted the spotlight. Her deputies are issuing marriage licenses, and she’s getting paid to hang in her office, but at least she’s staying quiet.

Well, a Davis associate has not been keeping to himself these days. You may have noticed the wave of anti-LGBT laws sweeping the nation. In late March, North Carolina passed a bill that allowed discrimination against LGBT people, which included the banning of transgender people from some restrooms. Georgia and Mississippi soon followed with similar legislation, and Tennessee took things even further by allowing therapists to decline service to LGBT patients based upon religious beliefs. In a few of these states, pressure from businesses and outraged citizens have prompted governors to walk back on the bills, but it’s not over.

All told, around 20 states have either passed anti-LGBT laws, or they’re in various stages of doing so. CBS News started digging to find out what the hell is going on, and they found a leader for this movement. He just happens to be Kim Davis’ attorney, Mathew Staver, who explains the actions of his ultra-conservative group:

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