Larry Flynt Warns The World That Ted Cruz Is Far More ‘Dangerous’ Than Donald Trump

03.27.16 2 years ago

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Anyone who’s slept through a few decades would be forgiven for assuming that Larry Flynt adores the profane tendencies of Donald Trump. However, those who witnessed the yuugest Supreme court case, Hustler Magazine v. Falwell, realize that Flynt sides foremost with protectors of free speech. As we saw with Trump’s recent promise to “open up” libel laws, the GOP frontrunner doesn’t dig free speech unless it involves his own words. Also, Flynt was not impressed when Trump arrived unprepared for Megyn Kelly at the last Fox News debate and chose to defend his wang instead of discussing policy. Flynt later wrote an open letter to Trump with a battle cry: “Your bragging about your penis size is as fraudulent as Trump University.”

Shots. Fired.

Flynt won’t forgive this madness, which is amazing coming from the purveyor of Hustler, but hey, this election is nuts. Bernie Sanders may be taming nature while capturing the Washington and Alaska caucuses this weekend, but he’s not bringing the controversy like the Republicans and Hillary Clinton do. Poor Ted Cruz is fending off a tabloid scandal involving five alleged mistresses, and Trump never stops tweeting insults. The whole election is causing cable news meltdowns galore, but surprisingly, Flynt does not dislike Trump the most. He’s speaking out against Cruz even more in this interview with The Beast:

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