Jesus Campos, The Mandalay Bay Security Guard Shot By Stephen Paddock, Is Nowhere To Be Found

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From the start, the confusing timeline of the Las Vegas mass shooting has puzzled investigators, and surprisingly, even MGM (which owns the Mandalay Bay hotel) has questioned authorities’ officially stated version of events. Many hoped that Jesus Campos — the hotel security guard shot by Stephen Paddock — could have shed some light upon the puzzling matter. However, those hopes have, at least for now, been dashed after Campos has apparently disappeared, and no one seems to have a clue on his whereabouts.

Yet no one has filed a missing persons report on Campos, nor are there any signs of foul play at work. It seems that he’s simply slipped out of public view. He was last seen about a week after the October 1 massacre, according to David Hickey, a union leader who helped Campos set up a series of media appearances for CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS. After the dates and times were set, Campos was last seen in the company of an MGM guard, but Hickey said he vanished from the planning session while everyone believed he was visiting an urgent-care center. Sean Hannity, who would have interviewed Campos for Fox News, noted the change of plans on Twitter:

The LA Times makes note of how Las Vegas authorities first believed that Campos was shot prior to when Paddock began firing upon concertgoers, but law enforcement later switched that time to six minutes later. This discrepancy would have tied into when Campos put in a call about the gunfire, but unfortunately, the competing timelines surrounding the massacre still exist, and investigators still haven’t indicated whether they’ve made progress on Paddock’s motive.

And because the Internet is the Internet, conspiracy theories have surrounded Campos since his name surfaced in the media. Fake news sites have labeled him “an accomplice,” a claim that was debunked by Snopes. Speaking of which, Snopes also points out that Campos’ so-called disappearance “is not the first time a person’s lack of desire to speak to the media has been misconstrued as that person being ‘missing.'” In other words, Campos may have needed some time away from the circus. Will he return? No one knows.

(Via LA Times & Snopes)

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