The Las Vegas Gunman Shot An Airport Fuel Tank While Carrying Out His Deadly Attack

10.06.17 1 year ago 2 Comments

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In the days following the Las Vegas shooting, investigators have learned precious little information about the motive but plenty about the actions of gunman Stephen Paddock. He also apparently targeted other music festivals, which could serve as evidence of extensive planning. In addition, some officials believe that Paddock may have also aimed at a fuel tank at nearby McCarran International Airport.

In what could have been errant fire from Paddock, a fuel tank at the airport’s storage area was hit twice with “one penetrating the outer shell.” However, according to airport officials, there was no danger of an explosion occurring in an area just beyond the festival while Paddock focused on his attack:

In addition, jet fuel is treated kerosene and is not classified as a flammable liquid, but as a combustible liquid. Contrary to speculation, there is almost zero likelihood gunfire damage could trigger a fire or explosion at a commercial fuel storage facility. Likewise, in the event of an actual, uncontained tank fire, these systems are engineered to vent flames upward into the air rather than explode.

The single 43,000-barrel tank was half-full at the time it was hit. Investigators plan to empty the tank in order to inspect it further.

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