John Oliver Takes A Long Look At Trump’s Bizarre Russia Fetish: ‘He’s Nicer To Putin Than Meryl Streep’

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On Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver couldn’t avoid discussing Donald Trump again, which is an understandable dilemma. The man dominated the media before he was elected, and things are even more chaotic now. So, Oliver turned to a subject that was ripe for ribbing … Trump’s “soft spot” for Vladimir Putin.

Some might even call it a fetish, which is how Russia treats its president. Oliver wades though a pop song called “A Man Like Putin,” and he flashes the obligatory shirtless-white-riding-horseback photos. The U.S. president has seemingly adopted the same level of devotion as Putin’s people, which Oliver finds awfully bizarre. “It’s a bit weird,” Oliver says directly to Trump (who is clearly watching from the White House). “You’ve been objectively nicer to Vladimir Putin than you have to Meryl Streep, who I’m pretty sure is not an infamous autocrat.”

Nonetheless, Trump has a habit of stressing how much he wants to get along with Russia, and Oliver played a mini-supercut of those quotes. The host finally realizes that drastic measures must be taken. After all, Putin has been known to take out his enemies, and Trump has blindly denied that this is the case. So, Oliver knows the only way to reach Trump is with a techno song that acts as a warning. Well, the warning won’t work, but it sure is entertaining.

A few of the lyrics: “A man like Putin only wants power/he’ll fake a tape of your golden shower.” It goes without saying that the song is rather NSFW and disturbing. And totally worth watching.

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