A Libertarian Candidate Decides To Strip On The Convention Stage

05.29.16 3 years ago 9 Comments

This year’s presidential election race has been a bit of a circus, to say the least. On the Democrat side we have Hillary Clinton and her emails going up against the everyman Bernie Sanders, while on the Republican side we saw grown men insulting each other’s manhood, leading to Donald Trump looking to be the nominee. If you thought that the presidential race saw insanity, check out the Libertarian Party convention because apparently it has strippers.

No, the strippers aren’t what you are thinking of. The party hasn’t gone crazy and sleazy in their presentation, or anything, it’s much stranger. Instead, according to Gawker, a candidate for the party chairman, James Weeks, got up on stage and started tearing off his clothing. There, on that stage, he stood, in a pair of tight underwear, while grown men hopped up on stage to stuff dollar bills into the already-overburdened elastic waistband.

The crowd assailed him with boos while he awkwardly shook his stuff on stage, a few people making half-hearted efforts to cover him up while even a man in a suit runs by to stuff some money down his trunks. A disembodied voice rang through the convention hall, “Get off of the stage, you are making an ass of yourself.” The camera pans to a view of a man by a microphone, most likely interested in personal liberties outside of grown men in speedos on their hallowed stage, as he pleads with whomever is in charge, “anyone have any nerve to throw him out?”

Just when this hero of the people was about to walk away from the microphone, he turned back towards it, muttering, “idiot.” Once again he turned, once again he returned, “moron.” All of this for a simple dare, it turns out. Mr. Weeks was escorted out while the party continued tallying its votes for vice president.

So while it looks like the Libertarian Party has a long way to go before they can be taken seriously, they’ll always have Orlando and the memories from 2016, when a man stripped down on stage while another man jeered at him, all in the name of personal freedom and liberty.

(Via Gawker)

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