Listen To Howard Stern’s Broadcast From The Morning Of 9/11

09.11.16 3 years ago 50 Comments

(Editor’s note: This piece has been republished from an earlier date, 9/11/2014.)

As I am prone to do, this morning, I had my television tuned to CNN while doing some work, and of course the dominant subject of the day is it being the anniversary of 9/11, which of course got me thinking about 9/11 and where I was on that day and in my life. For just about anyone alive right now, it’s probably the ultimate “what were you doing when…” moment. I can still remember it more vividly than I can remember this past Saturday night.

That said, for some reason, this morning, Howard Stern popped into my mind and I got to thinking, “I wonder what The Howard Stern Show was like on that day?” I was curious as to what went on on perhaps the most raucous, unserious entertainment program known to man — which broadcasts about two miles from the site of the attacks — on that dreadful day. So I checked YouTube to see if Howard’s team had ever uploaded audio of the show from that day and, as it turns out, they did a few months ago, along with video from inside the studio, as well, in addition to a few snippets of off-camera interviews featuring the show’s various players recalling their memories from that day.

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