Marco Rubio Kept His Senate Seat In Florida Even Though He Didn’t Really Seem To Want The Job

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11.08.16 4 Comments

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Marco Rubio, AKA Little Marco, has inexplicably kept his seat in the Florida Senate. After a year of more or less disrespecting his constituents, it was clear that Rubio didn’t want the job (until the last possible moment), and he surprisingly went against the Republican grain when his party was so thrilled about the Podesta WikiLeaks dumps. Even after his epically botched presidential run, his support of Donald Trump, and his complete denial of climate change (in Florida!) Marco Rubio will be a senator for six more years.

It would be incredible to think about anyone else acting the same and still keeping any job, nonetheless that of a US Senator. But, here we are. Rubio is back in office despite skipping out on several important votes and not doing his job (this race was basically the plot of Office Space), and people are having feelings about it online.

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