Trump Announces A Plan To Form A ‘Cyber Security Unit’ With Putin And Gets Mocked By Marco Rubio

07.09.17 10 months ago 8 Comments

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On Friday, President Trump had his first face-to-face meeting (at the G20 summit) with Vladimirm Putin, and their respective high-ranking dignitaries predictably issued very different accounts of what happened during the talk. To presumably “clear the air,” Trump included the subject in his regularly scheduled Sunday tweetstorm. And despite U.S. intelligence’s unequivocal assessment that Russia interfered with the election — plus recent news that Russia is also targeting nuclear facilities and increasing spying in the U.S. — Trump did not deny the Russian foreign ministry’s statement about how he accepted Putin’s denial of election meddling.

Trump then announced that he and Putin hope to form a “Cyber Security unit” to prevent the hacking of future elections. In the process, he also subtweeted John Podesta (who “everyone” was talking about at G20, according to Trump) while complaining about the DNC and Obama over an election that he won eight months ago. Plus, Trump wants everyone to know that the removal of Russian sanctions was not on the table at the summit.

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