Marco Rubio Labels Donald Trump The ‘Most Vulgar Person’ To Ever Run For President

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03.04.16 5 Comments
GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Detroit

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Marco Rubio woke up Friday morning after the strangest GOP debate (so far) with one thing on his mind. He aimed to continue his mission of taking down Donald Trump. Rubio, who appeared to be amused (and who wasn’t?) by Trump’s discussion of his own assets on live television, feels the humor is starting to wear thin. Or perhaps Rubio’s acting out his own script, for he’s certainly egged Trump by ripping him for spelling errors and pulling out “small hands” comments. Rubio has stooped to Trump’s level in some regard, and neither man is acting very “presidential.”

At a recent rally in Jenks, Oklahoma, Rubio was greeted with a spectator who shouted about the tiny hands comment. He laughed, but said the media was just as guilty for grabbing onto the sensationalism of candidate insults. At last night’s debate, Rubio said Trump deserved a little ribbing for mocking everyone, including a disabled reporter and any woman who’s ever had a bodily function. Rubio would sort of like to bring things back to the issues, although that may not be possible at this late primary stage. To be certain, Trump turned cable news networks upside down on Thursday. They simply couldn’t decide how to report on Trump’s “penis” revelation.

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